Pair of Clutches PK234 PK235 + Roll Pins for Powakaddy trolley.

This is a pair of Clutches. The clutch with the white inner ring is the left hand clutch.

When changing clutches it is worth checking the axle blocks held in place by the rivet through the frame near each clutch. These are the black plastic mouldings which the axle runs through . Wiggle the axle up and down and if the axle block holes are elongated they should be replaced. Failure to replace them will mean the axle can move up and down excessively and will cause wear and tear on the gearbox which will eventually lead to gearbox failure. You can find them and fitting video on the following LINK

These clutches will not fit your trolley if your wheels have internal clutches.

You can watch a video of how to replace this spare below:

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