Trolley will not start

The trolley will not start and can hear a click when you turn the knob to set it going.


There can be a number of causes of this, the click you can hear comes from the controller. It is either not responding at that point or something else has siezed and is preventing the wheels from turning

First, either the motor or gear box have siezed.

Second, the battery strap is wrapped round the axle stopping it turning,  we once had a customer make a fourty mile trip for us to tell him that the strap was wrapped round the axle.

Third, if the axle is clear and the motor and gear box eliminated as possible causes then the controller has failed.


First, pull the trolley back towards yourself, this engages the motor and gear box. If the wheels do not turn then one or both parts have siezed. Separate the two parts and pull the trolley back. If the wheels turm then the cause is the motor if they don't then the gear box needs replacing. Now run the trolley to make sure the motor is O.K.

Second, check that nothing is impeeding the axle.

Third, replace the controller, there are no serviceable parts inside it.  To order these parts, search by part name in the search box in the top right hand area of this page.