Trolley stops & starts


Your trolley stops and starts intermittently.


This issue can have a number of causes:

  • First, the motor brushes have worn out
  • Second, the potentiometer (pot) needs replacing
  • Third, you have a fray in a cable


  • First, the motor brushes are under covers on the top and bottom of the motor where the cables enter it. Pull the cable off and the covers just slide back and the brush will pop up as they are spring loaded. If they are shorter than 1/2 of an inch they will need replacing
  • Second, potentiometers have small carbon brushes inside them and they are cycled to do so many rotations. Powakaddy are some of the best available, all pots are not equal. The carbon wearing inside the pot  can cause an intermittent connection as it gets shorter, that is why PK fit on/off switches to save wear and tear winding the pot back everytime you want to stop. Replace the pot.
  • Third, you need a multimeter to do a contiunity test on the cable. If you do not have one, just replace the cable, they are inexpensive.

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