Star-Loc Washers

Star-Loc washers are a quick and easy way for a manufacturer to join two pieces of metal together, in conjuction with Radiused Spacers.  They can also be used to hold plastic moulding pieces in place.  An example of this on a golf trolley would be that you'd find a star-loc washer and a domed washer holding the 'hold together' latch, just below the handle.  

Though they themselves are not liable to wear and tear, they have to be removed to replace elements  that do wear, such as Radiused Spacers.  Once removed, they cannot be re-used, as the washer 'deforms' in the act of removal.

They are very inexpensive, and we sell them here.  

However, people can get a bit flumoxed by the removal.  

The domed washer is easily removed by using a small, flat-headed screw driver of the type that an electrician would use to re-wire a plug.  You literally just flick it off.

Underneath a domed washer, you will often find a star-loc washer.  The trick with these, is to take a nail punch (used in carpentry and DIY), sharply tap the pin that the washer is on (not the washer itself), and the washer will invert.  You can then just pull it off with a pair of pliers.

To fit new washers, we suggest that you hold one end of the pin with one hand, and with the other, push the washer onto the pin.  The washer will start to fit, and it might go all the way on, in which case, job done. Sometimes there be resistance, and then we push it on finally with a pair of pliers.  Then, with your thumb, push the domed washer on over the top.