September 2012 Newsletter

September 2012 Newsletter

Free P&P Alert - just for you

Fancy a bit of free P&P? As a valued PKS Newsletter subscriber, but mainly because we just think you're great, we are offering you free post and packing* from now until the 4 October. Simply place your order at PKS, add the code: freeP&P1 in the code box at the checkout and the P&P will be deducted. And you can use it as often as you like.

We are not promoting this code on the blog or directly on Twitter or Facebook, it's just for you, dear subscriber, because we want you to be happy. And to stay with us. And hey, maybe tell your mates about the awesome people at PKS...? Every time we send out a PKS Newsletter, we will include a money saving code or a special offer, exclusive to you, because you subscribe.

* excludes non-UK post; excludes items that go via courier, such as batteries, trolleys, golf bags and golf clubs

Alfie's Top Tip

Heads up Freeway users, this one is for you.

Whilst we do love to sell trolley parts, we also love to help our customers to save money so here is our Technician's top tip of the month: save your gear box.

The main reason that gear boxes on electric trolleys wear out and break down is due to wear in the axle blocs.

The axle bloc is a clever little chap - in fact they are twins, they come as a pair. They are small, almost triangular shaped plastic blocks, with a round hole running through them. You can locate these by turning your trolley upside down, they are next to the clutches on each side, attached to the frame.

Their job is to hold the axle in line through the gear box. This is very important as it stabilises the gear box.

Over time, the axle will cause wear on this plastic component and that can allow movement of the axle, which in turn tilts the cogs in the gear box and causes them to wear.

If you look at your axle bloc(s) and see that the hole is more eliptical than round, they need changing. If you do this before the gear box starts to fail, it will cost you about £10, whereas a new gear box can cost between £38 and £74, depending on your model.

Of course, gear boxes do fail for other reasons but this is the main one and by the time your gear box is on its way out, it's too late. So just perform this quick visual check every few weeks and if you spot the problem, order the parts from us.

Standard Freeway:  now available with or without battery and charger

A blindlingly good idea, this. This is good news for Standard Freeway owners who may be thinking about getting a new trolley.

Sometimes, (sad face) you can't mend your old trolley and it just has to be replaced with a new shiny PowaKaddy (happy face).

However, if you already have a fully functioning battery and charger, possibly aided by you having read our fantastic guide to battery care, you might prefer to be able to buy your new trolley without a battery and charger. We think this makes a lot of sense, so when you buy a Standard Freeway trolley from us, you get the option to buy it with a new battery and charger or without. if your old battery and charger are both fine, this will save you a lot of money.

As far as we know, we are the only on-line site that offers this sensible option. Because we ship a high volume of trolleys, parts and batteries, we have the capacity to absorb the 'left-overs' and sell them on their own.

Win, win!

We can only offer this option on this Standard Freeway trolley because it uses the inter-connect system, and so is compatible with your old battery and charger. PowaKaddy's other trolleys no longer use this inter-connect system so they would not be compatible with the system you already have.

If over time this changes, we'll extend the option to other models.