Radiused Spacers

Radiused spacers are already fitted to PowaKaddy trolleys in the factory when the trolley is manufactured. They fit between the metal parts of the frame to prevent the metal wearing.They also assist in the folding mechanism, because they rotate one against the other, and thus allow the trolley to fold down without 'metal on metal' wear.

They are fitted on all the moving joints of the  trolley.  They are also fitted to the static joints, but these do not - in fact should not - be removed and replaced. There is no way to re-tighten the joint and anyway, there is no need.

On the moving joint - and this will only be where you fold the trolley down - these spacers take the wear that otherwise would degrade the beams on the trolley and so, from time to time, it's worth replacing them. When you buy a new trolley, it's all tight, with very little play in the frame. Over months and years of use, play and movement creep in, as inevitable wear and tear takes place, no matter how carefully you use and maintain your trolley.

They are very easy to fit. You only have to undo a few nuts and bolts, with a spanner, part the metal, discard the old spacers, and insert the new Radius Spacers. A job of a few minutes.  

These will be fitted on every joint, and we suggest that you re-fit those on the moving joints, as a job lot, as the main areas of play may not be that obvious. They are inexpensive at £10 for 20  spacers plus some washers.  Where 2 are used, you would always fit a male and a female; where 1 is used, you fit the female only.

What you get in the pack is 16 female spacers (because you use these more often), 4 male, 2 domed star-loc washers, and 2 star-loc washers. The washers also hold the frame together.