Noisy Trolley - Gearbox or Motor


Excess noise appearing to come from the gearbox or motor.  Not usually accompanied by any mechanical impediment, i.e., the trolley seems to be running fine.  It is not unusual for a trolley to become more noisy as it ages.  What we are talking about in this article is really excessive noise that sounds as if a mechanical failure might be on its way.


It is possible that either the gearbox or the motor are failing or about to fail, and these can easily be replaced.

However, before embarking on an expensive purchase, try this:  between the gearbox and the motor, is a three-part componant, called a coupling spider.  Its job is to transfer the drive from the motor to the gearbox.  In this position, it also acts as a shock absorber, preventing damage to the motor and gearbox if the trolley gets jolted whilst in use.  This also makes it liable to wear.  It is made up of two plastic parts, with a black four-pronged plastic part that fits in between them - this is the spider.

Over time, these can wear and the smallest amount of movement within these parts can make the trolley sound very noisy - as if a mechanical breakdown is about to happen.


It is easy enough to replace this part.  How to do this is covered as part of our How-To video on changing a motor.  You can see this here - it's step 4, basically.  

The part is inexpensive, and we sell them here.  Try replacing this first as if it is this, it will save you a considerable amount of money. Even if, after changing the coupling spider, you find that you do need to change the motor and/or the gearbox, we strongly advise that the spider coupling be changed too, so you won't have wasted your time or money.

This part is used on all PowaKaddy trolleys, and is a universal part.