March 2013 Newsletter

Offers For March

Right, in February you had the 10% off spares offer and we know that a lot of trolley wrangling was assisted by that. You're welcome!

This month it's time to have an accessory make-over. Use this code: March Accessory Offer (exactly as it appears here) in the discount box at the check-out and you will get 10% off all our PowaKaddy Accessories. So, if you want to treat your tush to a new seat, you can save 10% on the latest PK Freeway seat. Or you may want our best selling accessory, the umbrella holder - again, 10% off the site price of £23.99. You can use it as many times as you like in March and on as many accessories as you need. There are wheels in this part of the site too... This is the month when the season really kicks off. Make your trolley not just any PK trolley. Make it an all-new accessorised trolley. You can browse all our PowaKaddy Accessories here.

Here's another offer in which we acknowledge that it's March but it's still nippy. Buy any pair of shoes on the site this month and we will send you a FREE PowaKaddy Trolley Handle Mitten, RRP £25 while stocks last and limited to one free gift per customer. So save yourself the bother of fashioning a hand-protector from bin-liners. Buy one from us - or buy some shoes and get it free. Note: the mitten does not fit the Touch or any trolley with a 'T' shaped rather than an 'L' shaped handle.

We have a wide range of lovely shoes by Nike, Footjoy and Mizuno which are already on offer at some of the keenest prices on the Internet.

So to re-cap:

  • for 10% off PowaKaddy Accessories use this code: March Accessory Offer
  • To receive a free trolley handle mitten, buy any pair of shoes in March 

Freeway ll (2) Conversion Kit: up-date

Many of our customers have been buying this item which converts your old Freeway to the very latest electrics as used in the Freeway ll (2). This changes it from button operated mode to a conventional and more tactile, responsive roller control.

You can buy this here. It comes will full instructions - and pictures. It takes about 30 minutes to complete this procedure and it involves several steps which are straightforward but need to be closely followed - so it's worth spending a few minutes reading the instructions through before you start wrangling.

What one or two customers have tried is to mix the new electrics with the old ones on their trolleys, rather than converting it completely. This is not possible and it won't work. Having bought the kit, it needs to be installed complete, thus replacing the handle plus all the old electric components and cables. If you only do part of this - and we can't think of a reason to partially install it anyway - the trolley won't work. So don't be tempted to mix and match, it needs to be a complete conversion, then it will work.

The good news is that to date, this has proved to be a 100% successful solution to the problems that the old Freeway ll (2) sometimes experienced. Not all older Freeway ll (2) trolleys have problems, but some did and now PowaKaddy have discontinued the individual components (we still have some stock, but once that is gone, there will be no more). If your Freeway ll (2) is having problems, the conversion kit is a much cheaper option than a new trolley.

Some Freeway ll (2) owners just prefer the new roller control function that the conversion kit also brings to the old push-button control mechanism.

It's also worth noting that any accessories you have on your older style Freeway ll (2) will still fit on the trolley after you convert it. 

Senior Trolleys: wheel problem?

If your Classic trolley is pre-2000 or you have an early 2000 Freeway, the chances are the wheels are held onto the axle by a metal sliding clip on the outside.

These wheels are now discontinued by PowaKaddy (though you can still get tyres, here). As these wheels mature, they are susceptible to becoming disconnected from the axle. This was cured with a new clip - but again, this is not available now, sadly.

If you have one of these trolleys and this is a problem, this is your solution.

First, remove the outer disc, which is held on by six screws. Once you have done this you will be able to see the inside of the metal slider, which will in all probability have become bent out of shape. Well, it is a very senior trolley, you'd be bent too. This prevents the clip from locating securely into the groove on the axle, which is what holds the wheel on and enables it to pick up the drive via the clutch.

At this point, you should be able to straighten the slider by use of the highly technical nail-punch + hammer maneuver, i.e., tap it with mild to moderate force using a hammer.

If it is very bent or you accidentally use too much force and bend it the other way, the disc that the slider is in is held into the outer plate by a series of bent metal tabs. Using a pair of pliers, straighten all the tabs. You can then remove the mechanism completely, dis-assemble it, straighten the part that is bent, then put it all back. Bend the tabs back over, screw it back onto the wheel and it should then be able to locate into the axle groove and give you a few more months or even years of use.

In our workshop, we have performed this operation on many a mature trolley - some 20 years old - whose owners were not ready to consign them to the great trolley shed in the sky.

All part of the PowaKaddy Spares 'keeping you golfing' campaign.