Trolley Maintenance: weekly check-list

Every week, you need to have a good routine to keep your trolley in the best condition.  Follow these simple and quick tips:

  • Carry a hand-brush in the car-boot so you can give the trolley a quick brush around the clutches, where debris and grass tends to accumulate. Do not use air-pressure hoses or water hoses on your trolley to clean it. The components on the trolley are designed to be waterproof at normal atmospheric pressure. If you use high-pressure devices you will break the seals and force water in, causing premature failure.


  • Battery care: if you are playing regular golf - at least once a week - for peak battery performance, it should always be on charge when not on the trolley (unless you are putting the trolley away for a holiday or for the winter). The idea is to not allow it to discharge completely.


  • Don't use easing agents if clutches start to make a squeaking sound. Using an oil or spray will cause failure. You just have to put up with it (assuming the clutch is otherwise OK) and eventually the clutch will wear down the grit trapped in the clutch - the usual culprit - and the noise will stop.


  • If the trolley is damp or wet, dry it off before storing it away.


  • Make sure the plastic cover over the on-off switch is dry and sitting correctly, ie, it has not been slightly dislodged in use; this prevents moisture dropping down onto the electrics in the handle.