Trolley Maintenance: getting the trolley out of hibernation

If you followed our advice when putting your trolley away for the winter then you will be unlucky to encounter any problems with your trolley. If you didn't it may not be not too late, just follow the advice below

It's important to have a really good once-over for your trolley before you take it out after its winter lay off. In theory, other than the battery, there are no parts that should 'fail' when not in use. However, it's good to check it all over and follow our simple guide to make sure it's in tip-top condition for the new season.

• Clean it really throughly. However, do not use powered or pressurised cleaning tools as water can be forced into the parts and cause them to fail. The electrics are designed to be waterproof at normal atmospheric pressure but using a pressure cleaner can cause them to fail.

• Dry the axle and wipe it over with WD40 or similar moisture repelling oil.

• Lightly clean the contacts on the interconnect/T-bar with very fine gauge sand-paper. They pick up dirt during the year and this will help keep it clean. Check to see that there isn't any sign of melting around the contacts, which can lead to a poor connection. Also check that the 2 halves of the T-bar meet properly and are not starting to come apart. If they are melted or not connected, replace the T-bar. The T-bar for the charger and the trolley are the same.

• If the plastic cover of the on/off switch is misted (moisture), check to see that the cover isn't cracked and if it is, replace it.  This link is to the Classic model but the part is common across the range.  Otherwise, pop the on/off switch and cover out of the handle, remove the cover and leave open to air dry. Once dry, pop it back in.

• Check that the rivets holding the main beams in place are all firmly fixed. If not, replace the rivets. The rivets are common across the PK range. You don't need to replace the beams.

Classic models only:  Check for play in the upper bag bracket. Excess play would indicate that the bearings in the beam have worn and need replacing. If you don't do this, the rivets will also wear due to the extra stress placed upon them

• Check the bolts holding the front wheel housing onto the front beam are tight as this can affect the tracking.

When you have done all these things take the trolley inside and let it warm up before connecting the battery, just like a car engine, the warmer it is when you start it, the less damage you do to it.  Starting it from stone cold after a three/four month lay off is a good way to cause excess wear & damage to the motor and gearbox.