Trolley Maintenance: monthly check-list

There are few fairly simple things you can do every few weeks during the time of the year when you are using the trolley regularly.  By checking and correcting these now, you can save some parts from breaking down.

Each month or so, we suggest that you:


  • Check that the screws in the handle are properly tightened, because if they are starting to work loose this can cause leverage and stress on the upper beam, which may lead to it breaking.


  • Check that the nut and bolt holding the upper bag bracket are correctly tightened.  If they are not this can allow the bag to move about and be a cause of trolleys not running straight. Also, excess play at this point can lead to a widening of the hole through the beam, which might cause it to break.


  • Check that the bolts on the bottom bag bracket are correctly tightened to ensure the trolley runs straight


  • Clear out any debris that might be inside the bottom bag bracket.  Excess debris here can make the trolley work harder than it should need to and run the battery down.


  • Don't be tempted to take off the wheels and grease the axle.  This attracts dirt and forms a grinding paste that damages the wheels, axles and clutches.


  • The control knob (the bit you turn to make the trolley go) should rotate freely, either towards or away from you.  It should not have any lateral movement or play.  If it has, either the nut under the control knob is working loose and needs tightening;  or the potentiometer is starting to wear out.  Lateral play at that point can be a sign that the carbon inside the pot is wearing away, causing intermittent problems.  You can buy a replacement pot by searching for 'potentiometer' in the search box (top right of this screen) and locating your trolley model.