Lithium Batteries and Chargers

Lithium batteries have their own PK chargers.  Over the recent past, PowaKaddy has changed the specification on the charger connection for these batteries - sometimes without notification.  There have been several such modifications, with the result that old lithium chargers may not fit the new batteries.  There are now, probably, three or four variants out there. 

If you need a new lithium battery, PK's advice is: buy a lithium charger as well.  While this might not seem entirely reasonable, there may be no alternative.  There is really no way that we can tell you from a photograph of your old charger, if it will fit the new battery.  Our advice if buying from us is:

  • buy both the battery and the charger from us, and if you don't need the new charger, which you might not, you can post it back to us for a refund on the cost of the part
  • buy the battery and see if it's OK - it might be, but we can't tell you that unless we actually see it
  • take the charger and battery to a PK agent local to you and ask