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Common Trolley Faults #1: my trolley stops and starts intermittently

In the first of a series of trolley fault-busting articles from PKS, we will now deal with the most common problem of all, intermittent starting and stopping, also known as golfii interruptus. There are several possible reasons for this and you can read about the topic here, but it's most likely to be the motor brushes. 

The motor brushes  -  not in fact brushes at all, but small sprung components which complete the electrical connection between the battery and the motor. They consist of a short carbon block or rod, a spring and a small bracket. The carbon element wears over time. Ideally this will be about one and a quarter inches long. Once it wears to about three quarters of an inch, the circuit is interrupted as you use the trolley, for example, if it goes over uneven ground or rocks because the spring cannot hold the shorter, worn rod securely in place.

To check your motor brushes (there will be two, on top and under the motor itself), you need to disconnect the top cable from it's in-out connection by unplugging it; then slide the top cover off the motor, by sliding it in the same direction as you pulled the cable. Then you will see the top motor brush and be able to detect any significant wear. Repeat this process for the other brush, underneath. But if one is worn, they both need to be changed and they come as a pair.

There are two sorts of brushes, one that fits the Classic and the Pre-1999 Classic, and another that fits the Classic Legend, Freeway and Highway trolleys. To find the right one for you, enter the word 'brushes' in the search box on the home page and choose your trolley from the list. It is important to make sure you buy and fit genuine PowaKaddy parts.

PowaKaddy Sponsors English Golf Squad

PowaKaddy is continuing with its support of the English Golf Union, as it sponsors a fleet of trolleys for the Main England Squad.
The customised trolleys feature white frames and the new England logo. The award-winning PK SPORT trolley that the players will be using is a state-of-the-art electric trolley that combines strong and lightweight materials with a powerful yet whisper quiet 200 watt motor, for the ultimate in performance and reliability. A host of practical features come together to make the it the market leading brand’s most complete design and the only choice for the UK’s finest amateur players.

The EGU is understandably delighted with the continuing PK sponsorship - and with the quality of the trolleys. Newly appointed England Golf Director of Coaching and victorious 2011 Walker Cup Captain, Nigel Edwards commented, “Our job is to ensure that all of our team members are provided with the necessary tools to help them improve and fitness plays a key part in this, so I am delighted that they will have access to the obvious health and fitness benefits that using a PowaKaddy provides both in practice and in competitive play.”
“Golfers need to conserve as much energy as possible during the round as well as avoid injuries that may occur from carrying. The England and England Boys squad members often play 36-holes of competitive golf a day throughout the season so we want them to be at their best physically at all times.”

We agree - which is why we stock this trolley.

PK Trolley Handle Mittens

PowaKaddy has discontinued the trolley handle mitts (to keep your driving hand warm in this amazing summer we're enjoying) for the older style Freeway and Classic models. This is because they have changed the size of the new handles - the new versions are much bigger so the mitt won't fit you hand/arm and the handle. If you have an older style Freeway or Classic, PK are still going to make the handle you need - but because the numbers will diminish, the mitts are being stopped now. So, if you see one and you think you might need it, best to buy it now. We have some, in fact we bought up quite a lot of the stock...they are stashed away but once these are gone, we can't get any more. If you don't see your model, search for 'mitten' in the search box on the home page of the site. 

Mizuno Golf Shoes:  MP Tour Golf Shoes

£90 off

Is this shoe not a thing of great beauty? We think so. It also comes in white. Aside from its good looks, here are some of its other attributes - oh yes, this shoe has brains and beauty:

• Fine grain leather upper,
• Mizuno Wave which reduces lateral movement by 200% compared to conventional soles. Mizuno's Infinity Wave Plate provides a stable swing base with the potentila to increase clubhouse speed
• ICG Impact Grip Spike have been designed to further enhance the stability of the shoe. Offers the flexibilty to set the shoe grip layout for left hand or right hand players
• With mid and outer sole technology drawn from Mizuno's running footwear
• the MP Shoe offers both cushioning and stability through the combination of the patented Mizuno Infinity Wave Plate and the flexible EVA Midsole.
• LR Insoles with Low Rebound Urethane material provides support to the area from the arch to the heel by absorbing shock for more stability
- Includes 12 month waterproof guarantee from date of purchase.

These retail at £159, RRP. We have limited stock in black or white leather for £69.00 + P&P. That is an amazing £90 saving. Stock has just come in, but we suggest you hurry over to place your order now. Black or white, you choose, they both look amazing