January 2013 Newsletter

January 2013 Newsletter

Winter Wheels Advice

2012 has been the wettest year on record, and many courses have been closed as often as they've been open. As we head into 2013, the rain is a *bit* less Biblical - but a lot of courses will still be very soggy. PowaKaddy's Winter Wheels are the ideal wheels to fit if your course is allowing trolley use. We have a very limited stock of these at the moment. They are highly sought after but as a favoured PK supplier, we took a delivery last week. You can buy them here. Once the stock is gone, we are not sure when PK will be able to supply more - they were quoting late February or early March so this batch was a bonus.

If we go out of stock - and they will sell out within days - you can buy PowaKaddy Wide Wheels as an alternative. They are not accepted by quite as many clubs, but they do a good job. Being wide - there is of course a big clue in the name - they effectively spread the load of your trolley and bag, cause fewer ruts and run well. Check with your club to see if they are permitted.

What we don't stock, and nor do we recommend them, are the so-called 'hedgehog' wheels. As the name suggests they are covered in long, rigid plastic spikes, designed to protect the fairway. However, PK doesn't manufacture these, though you can buy sets that will fit your PowaKaddy. We do not recommend them because in our experience, they can cause excessive torque on the axle and this can lead to clutch failure.

So we advise you to buy PowaKaddy Winter Wheels - if you can get them; and if not, the PK Wide Wheels.

10% Off Nike Sports Cart ll Bags - 2013 model

These stylish bags are already on sale on our website at the lowest Internet price - £87 from us, or £99 from American Golf. Hmm...that's a no brainer. So what we thought was - we'd offer our Newsletter subscribers a further 10% off! Crazy. But anyway, exclusive to you because you subscribe to this Newsletter, if you use this code in the code box when you check out: Nike Sports Cart Bag (and you need to type it in just as it appears here by the way, with the spaces and the caps), a further 10% will be deducted from your item.

This light-weight bag has a lot of really thoughtful features, such as separate compartment for your putter, a fleece-lined valuables pocket, a matching rain hood included and an insulated cool pocket should the temperature ever edge over 7 degrees again...

But these features and its light-weight do not mean it's small. It will easily accommodate all your clubs and gear. It lifts quickly and easily onto your trolley or if you're carrying, it has an extra wide comfort strap.

This bag comes in white, black, red and blackish-blue. All very stylish as you'd expect from Nike.

Limited stocks and we anticipate, at these prices, they will soon be gone.

Please note that this item will come to you via a courier and you will need to provide a signature. Because of the significantly higher costs, we can't post this item to addresses north of the Glasgow to Edinburgh line or off the UK mainland.

Owners Manuals

We now have manuals available on-line and free for the following PowaKaddy models:

  • Freeway
  • Freeway Sport
  • Freeway ll
  • Freeway Digital 2012 onwards
  • Robokaddy
  • Highway

You can find these in our ever-growing Advice Centre.

Just click on this link and there you will see, on the left hand side of the Advice Centre reception page, a list of all the manuals we have uploaded so far. We hope to have the Touch manual on there shortly by the way but it's not available from PK yet.

While you're in this area of our website, why not take a few minutes to have a good poke about? We have created a free and unique, on-line resource centre here at PowaKaddy Spares, to which we add pages all the time.

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