How to Change Powakaddy Golf Trolley Axle Blocks

This How-To guide will make more sense if you first watch our video; you can see all our video guides here.

Parts needed: a pair of axle blocs from the website
Tools needed: flat-headed screw driver, wire cutters, a pair of pliers
This works for: all Freeways except Freeway 2 & Freeway Sport

Why change the axle blocks?

Wear and tear. The hole in the middle may have worn to an oval shape and it should be round. Changing the axle blocs as soon as this happens as this will prolong the life of the gear box. Occasionally they can also break or crack.

How to change the axle blocks

Repeat this process twice - once for each side. Do not change only one of the axle blocks.

Step 1: remove the wheel and clutch.

Step 2: remove the axle. To do this, remove the pin under the cover on the LH side of the gear box and slide the axle out.

Step 3: prise the domed top off & discard the rivet that runs through the axle bloc and exits at the top side of the trolley.

Step 4: using the wire cutters cut off & discard the star-lock washers which are underneath the domed washer.

Step 5: remove the rivet and the axle bloc. Dispose of both.

Step 6: insert the new rivet into the new axle bloc and push the star-lock washer provided onto the top of the rivet.

Step 7: push the new domed washer provided back on.

Step 8: re-insert the axle and put the locating pin back in.

Step 9: replace the clutch.

Step 10: replace the wheel.