How to Change a Powakaddy Golf Trolley Axle

This How-To guide will make more sense if you first watch our video; you can see all our video guides here.

Parts needed: a new axle sold on our website. Select the model and choose the size from the drop-down menu
Tools needed: hammer, nail-punch, small flat-head screwdriver
This works for: All models

Why replace the axle?

The old axle may be bent or broken.

You can browse and buy PowaKaddy axles here. Use this link to view your model of trolley and scroll through to find the various axle options that are available to you. 

We recommend that you do not use any lubrication (WD40, machine oil, etc) when changing the axle as this can cause the clutches to fail. The axle is designed to be dry running.

How to fit the axle

Step 1: remove both wheels.

Step 2:   knock out and reserve the pin which holds either clutch in place, using the nail punch and hammer. The pin is on the frame side of the clutch.

Step 3: the axle is held into the gear box with a similar pin, which is usually hidden under a cover on the side of the gear box. On some Freeway 2 models, and also on trolleys with a red button on the handle as a brake, there are 2 pins. Knock the pin/s out and reserve.

Step 4: remove the axle

Step 5: insert the new axle.

Step 6: put the pins back in, which connect the axle to the gear box.

Step 7: replace the clutches, putting the pins back in.

Step 8: replace the wheels.