How to Change a Powakaddy Golf Trolley Motor

This How-To guide will make more sense if you first watch our video; you can see all our video guides here.

Parts needed: a new motor
Tools needed: an M6 spanner, a pair of pliers, flat-headed screw driver
This works for: All models

Why replace the motor?

The old one may be too noisy (age); motors can also seize.

How to replace the motor

Step 1: disconnect the wires that run to the motor (2, top and bottom), they have a pull-off mechanism. On some models without brushes the wires run from the motor in the opposite direction, to the controller, just follow these and disconnect using the similar pull-off connection.

Step 2: the motor is held in place by 2 X 6mm bolts. Remove them using the spanner, set aside, and the motor will pull off.

Step 3: between the motor and the gear box is an item called a coupling spider, 2 white halves that lock together with a black 4-prong ‘spider’ inside it. As you pull the motor away, one of the white halves usually stays on the motor and the other half remains inside the gear box, leaving the black ‘spider’ attached to either half or it will drop off – reserve it.

Step 4: using the pliers, pull the half of the coupling spider that remains inside the gearbox, out. Using the flat-headed screw driver, lever the other half off the end of the motor. Put the coupling spider back into one half and close the other half around it.

Step 5: now push it back, as a complete unit, into the gear box.

Step 6: re-join the new motor to the gear box with the 2 X 6mm bolts you removed earlier.

Step 7: re-connect the wires to the motor.