How to Change a PowaKaddy Golf Trolley Handle

This How-To guide will make more sense if you first watch our video;  you can see all our video guides here.

Parts needed: a new handle appropriate for your trolley selected from our website, this will come complete with fittings and a new latch kit, sold as a complete unit

Tools needed: pliers, Phillips screwdriver, a small chisel

This works for: Freeway, Classic, Classic Legend, Robokaddy & Highway.

If you have purchased a handle for a Classic trolley, you will not receive a latch kit (the part is accordingly cheaper than the handles for other models). The Classic does not need a latch kit as this model trolley does not fold down. The handle fitting process remains largely the same - simply omit any instructions regarding the latch kit.

Why fit a new handle?

The older models tended to become brittle and degenerate. The new versions don’t do this. Or the handle may break/crack if the trolley has an accident.

You can browse and buy PowaKaddy handles here. Use this link to view your model of trolley and scroll through to find the various handle options that are available to you.  You can buy a complete kit with all you need; or just buy a basic handle and transfer the old parts to it.

How to fit the handle

Step 1: remove the control knob cap, which is on the end of the handle and pulls out. There is a nut underneath this cap – undo it with the pliers and slide it off.

Step 2: undo the potentiometer (pot.). Under the knob that has just come off is another nut which holds the potentiometer in place. Undo this and the pot. will fall into the handle but remain connected by wires.

Step 3: Undo the bolts and screws that hold the handle in place. You can then open the handle out into its two halves. Using the pliers, pull the 2 brass ‘spades’ which look like flat brass loops away from and off the On/Off switch.

Step 4: undo the 2 screws that connect the pot. to the handle wire and remove the pot.

Step 5: from the inside, push the On/Off switch to remove it from the upper part of the old handle; take your new handle and push the On/Off switch back into place.

Step 6: now change the latch. The latch has to be changed because PowaKaddy changed the specification on these handles. By using this latch conversion that we send with the kit, you can line up the new handle so it fits. This is held on by a domed, shiny washer, which needs removing. You will prize this off with the chisel. Don’t worry if this damages the washer as your kit provides a new one.

Step 7: from the other end, pull out the pin and slide the old latch off.

Step 8: slide the new latch on, put the pin back in and click the new domed washer into place.

Step 9: reconnect the pot. to the handle wires – there are only 2 wires and it doesn’t matter which way you connect them.

Step 10: insert the stem of the pot. into the hole on the lower end of the new handle, put the washer and locking nut back on the outside and tighten with the pliers.