How To Change A Grip

These instructions will guide you through the process of changing a grip on any of your golf clubs.

Why Change The Grip?

Grips wear, and replacing a worn grip with a new one can improve your game. You may also want to update the look of your clubs, or try a different size putter grip.

Tools Required: A Stanley knife or similar, an open necked bottle of white spirit and a tee.

How To Change The Grip

1. Cut the old grip off using a Stanley knife

2. Remove any old tape left on the shaft.

3. Wrap the tape provided around the shaft, making sure you leave enough at the top to cover the exposed cut end of the shaft, and remove the outer layer.

4. Push the tee into the hole in the end of the grip.

5. Pour a couple of inches of white spirit into the grip.

6. Stand the club in the bottle of white spirit, run the  white spirit in the grip down the shaft so that it is coated, and remove the tee.

7. Place the club on the floor, hold tight with one hand and slide the grip on with the other. If you are not confident about doing this you can purchase a vice clamp here. This will allow you to hold the club firmly in a vice without damaging it. Be sure that the grip is fully pushed on but not to the point where it is stretched.

8. If you are fitting a putter grip, you now have a choice. New putters usually have the grip aligned at a right angle, 45 ° to the face of the club, so that if you use a conventional putting grip your thumbs are on top and the palms of your hands are at the same angle as the club face. But some Professionals who might have a tendency to miss putts to the left will align the flat of the grip so that it is more open (turned to the left) to the club face 55 °. This aligns the palms further to the left making it harder to twist the club in that direction, or closed (turned to the right) at 35 ° if you tend to push putts.

9. You now need to stand the club upside down for approximately six hours to let the spirit evaporate, and to stick the grip tight. Do not attempt to use the club before this time has elapsed, as you will undo all your hard work.