How To Change a PowaKaddy Golf Trolley Clutch

This How-To guide will make more sense if you first watch our video; you can see all our video guides here.

You can print this page off as a PDF and take it to your workshop/garage after watching our video on changing a clutch. The download link is at the bottom of this page.

Parts needed: clutch – left and/or right, they are ‘sided’, i.e. the left clutch is on the LH side as you walk with the trolley in front of you.  You can view and order the clutches here.
Tools needed: hammer, nail punch
This works for: all Powakaddy trolleys

Why replace the clutch(es)?

One wheel does not turn – if say this is the left wheel, the left clutch may be the problem.

Trolley not running straight, indicating that the clutch on the side the trolley turns to is failing.

How To Fit The Clutches

Step 1: remove the wheel.

Step 2: knock out the pin holding the clutch onto the axle, with the nail punch. It goes through the frame side of the clutch.

Step 3: the clutch should now slide off. On some older models they can rust onto the axle and you may need to prop the trolley up and put easing oil on it to loosen it off.

Step 4: slide new clutch on and attach to the axle with new pin supplied.

Step 5: replace the wheel.

Download Helpsheet - How To Change A PowaKaddy Trolley Clutch - PDF Helpsheet (187kb)