Freeway II Conversion Kit Fitting Instructions

Powakaddy have recently released a conversion kit for their Freeway II trolley that allows users to upgrade their handle from the newer 'button speed control' system to the older and more popular 'control knob roller' system.

The kits are not always available from Powakaddy but when they are, they are available for purchase here. If they are out of stock, you can email us and we will notify you when they come back into stock.

If you want to upgrade the handle of your Freeway II but are concerned about the complexity of the job, you can download the fitting instructions at the bottom of this page. This will give you an idea of how complicated it is to complete.

It is worth mentioning that this kit is the only way to upgrade your handle. No alternative is available from Powakaddy. Similarly, you must use all of the components provided in the kit - chopping and changing the parts will not work, and will invalidate any warranty or right of return.


If you have lost your instructions, or if you want to know what is involved in the fitting process, the instructions can be downloaded here.