February 2013 Newsletter

Here are TWO Money-Off Specials for Newsletter Subscribers

Now is the prime time for trolley users to get the electric trolley out of the garage or shed and rev it up for a new season of amazing, best-golf-of-your-life golfing joy. Oh but wait, what if there is a technical problem? We won't let that get in your way, because first, you can follow our 'Getting The Trolley Out of Hibernation' guide below in this Newsletter. And second, if you find you need (or just want) new parts here and there, for the rest of February, there will be 10% off. Yes, 10% off genuine PowaKaddy spares. BOOM.

This is the code: February parts

You pop this magic code into the code box at the check-out stage - and you must put in exactly as it's written here - and 10% will be deducted from your spares bill. So if you have been longing to upgrade and add the EDF function to your trolley (£62.00) you can save £6.20. It also works if all you want is a strap. We're not sizeist.

Here's your second offer: £10 off the latest amazing Titleist 913D2 & 913D3 Drivers

The Titleist 913D2 and 913D3 are 460cc full pear shaped drivers with innovations to the face insert, rear weight and lower CG location that deliver an incredible combination of speed and forgiveness. Titleist's patented SureFit Tour hosel technology allows loft and lie to be independently adjusted to precisely fit your game. They deliver exceptional distance and forgiveness with a slight draw bias, uncompromised looks, sound and feel.
Here at PKS we are already selling this brilliant club (which is RRP £359) for £269 or 25% OFF - the lowest Internet price available.

Here is the code: Driver 913

This will deduct £10 from the cost of the club. It is valid until the end of February 2013.


PowaKaddy News: Quality over Quantity

PowaKaddy changed hands in 2012, being bought back by two of its former owners. Since then, the company has been gradually re-grouping and shifting its focus. From our perspective as customers of PowaKaddy, just as you are, this is good news. Still the market leader in an evermore competitive sector, PowaKaddy remains associated with solid reliability, teamed with clean style in its product presentation. However, it has decided to refine its trolley focus and as such some brand changes are on the way, including:
all pull trolleys are being discontinued. We do sell them (while stocks last) but have never carried spares for these non-electric models
The Robokaddy, Touch and all Classic models of electric trolley are being discontinued. Spares for these will continue to be available, though it's worth noting that spares for some of the older Classic models have been gradually disappearing as these very old models have seen a very low demand for parts; we know there are still some old Classics who refuse to go to the Great Trolley Fairway In The Sky and sometimes we get old models and can use old but still functioning parts - but this is really not a viable Internet option, so if your old war-horse is still going, best to see a local PowaKaddy Service Agent
PowaKaddy are going to focus on the Freeway, Freeway Digital and Freeway Sport in terms of continuing trolley manufacture. These are great models, with simple functionality and reliability. Yes, parts do wear or fail from time to time but there is excellent spare part support available for them all
The emphasis on quality assurance at PowaKaddy is right back on track with fresh QA appointments in the UK HQ, which we, as their main UK parts customer, find very reassuring

We know that when you buy a PowaKaddy trolley, it's a considerable investment and you also need it to support your golf. Buying a new Freeway Sport now will cost you under £400 but that's a lot of money. However, if you play golf once a week and get 10 years use from it - this is more than possible with good care and maintenance - each round will 'cost' you well under £1; if you play more than that - yay, quids in! So it's worth buying the best and then taking the time to look after it. We can help, not just with parts, but also with lots of advice on repair and maintenance.

And we are reassured that PowaKaddy are right on track to help us to help you.  

Get That Trolley Out of the Garage - Winter is OVER*

* reports of winter's early demise may have been exaggerated for the purpose of cheering you up.

OK it's not over yet, but soon it will be time to throw off the slanket (definition: a 'slanket' is a fleecy blanket - with sleeves! Available on mail-order from the back pages of Sunday paper colour supplements, much beloved by people who like to watch day time TV in winter, drink tea and stay warm, if not very stylish. That would be me). Yes, throw off the slanket of winter and get back to the golf club.

In order to do this you will need your trolley. It may have been resting for some time now and if so, we do hope you followed our guide to putting it away, like the Blue Peter tortoise, for the winter. We have now published another Advice Centre Guide to getting it out of the straw and revving it up for spring golf. You can find that here. This will give you a quick run through of the main areas where you need to focus in order to start the new season with everything working just fine.

The check-list is brief but important - and any spares you need have 10% this month remember, if you use the code: February parts

It's worth taking some time here to also consider your battery. We have several pages of advice for batteries, but in particular, while it's still cold, don't charge the battery in a cold place, such as a sub-zero garage floor. The charge will be quicker and more efficient if you do this in a warmer area - maybe the kitchen or spare room.

Likewise, if you are using your battery at the moment, don't store it in a cold place such as the boot of your car or the garage. This may be fine if you're not using it now, but if you're playing regular golf, keep it warmer and charge it warmer. Like a car battery, its efficiency is lower in very low temperatures.