How to Change Powakaddy Trolley Motor Brushes

This How-To guide will make more sense if you first watch our video; you can see all our video guides here.

Parts needed: new motor brushes

Tools needed: none

This works for: All models

Why replace the motor brushes?

These connect the power to the motor and if the carbon rods that connect to the inside of the motor become too short (wear), the connection can cease or be intermittent.

Some new motors don’t have brushes.

You may not need to replace the motor and the brushes. If the motor sounds OK and isn’t seized, look at the brushes first. If it’s the motor, it’s usually pretty obvious.

How to fit the motor brushes

Step 1: disconnect the wires that run to the motor (2, top and bottom), they have a pull-off mechanism. On some models without brushes the wires run from the motor in the opposite direction, to the controller, just follow these and disconnect using the similar pull-off connection.

Step 2: the brushes are held in place by plastic covers which you slide off in the direction that you pulled the wire to remove it.

Step 3: the brushes have a spring on them and will pop up when the cover is removed. Remove the brushes.

Step 4: fit the new brushes – they just push back in.

Step 5: slide the covers back over, you will need to hold the brushes in place while you do this due to the spring.

Step 6: re-connect the wires to the motor.