How to Change a PowaKaddy Golf Trolley Upper Beam

This How-To guide will make more sense if you first watch our video; you can see all our video guides here.

Please note, the small grommet mentioned as provided in the video has been discontinued - please use the existing grommet.

Parts needed: a new upper beam complete with grommet. Select the model and choose the size from the drop-down menu
Tools needed: pliers, Phillips screw driver, small flat-headed screw driver, an M5 spanner, small piece of tape
This works for: Freeway, Robokaddy and Highway

Why replace the upper beam?

The old beam may break or, more usually, bend out of shape.

How to replace the upper beam

Step 1: remove but do not completely dis-assemble the handle. To do this, undo the nuts holding the handle halves together. It will slightly come apart. Using the small screw driver, undo the 2 wires from the potentiometer that in turn connect to the handle wire. The handle is now removed and the pot. has been removed. Set aside.

Step 2: at the bottom of the upper beam is the exit hole point for the handle wire. Pull the wire out from the bottom.

Step 3: remove the nut covers from the top joint of the trolley where the upper beam is connected to the rest of the trolley. Using the pliers and the M5 spanner, undo the nut and bolt which hold the joint together; pull one of the trolley ‘legs’ off the remaining bolt and pull the upper beam off.

Step 4: Push the new upper beam on. Push the trolley leg back on and do up the nut and bolt.

Step 5: put the nut covers back on.

Step 6: put the grommet onto the end of the handle wire, wrap a small piece of tape round the end of the wire, insert it into the entry/exit point hole and push it back up the beam. This can be tricky and may take you a few goes.

Step 7: once the wire is out of the top, reconnect the wires to the pot.

Step 8: screw the handle back onto the beam.

Step 9: push the grommet back into the hole where the cable enters the upper beam