How to Change a Powakaddy Golf Trolley Potentiometer

This How-To guide will make more sense if you first watch our video; you can see all our video guides here.


Parts Needed: a new potentiometer

Tools needed: pliers, Phillips screwdriver, small chisel

This works for: Powakaddy Freeway, the Highway, the Classic, the Classic Legend and the Robokaddy.

Why fit a new potentiometer?

Wear and tear. A typical symptom will be intermittent stop/start of the trolley.

How to fit the potentiometer

Step 1: remove the control knob cap, which is on the end of the handle and pulls out. There is a nut underneath this cap – undo it with the pliers and slide it off.

Step 2: undo the potentiometer (pot.). Under the knob that has just come off is another nut which holds the potentiometer in place. Undo this and the pot. will fall into the handle but remain connected by wires.

Step 3: Undo the bolts and screws that hold the handle in place. You can then open the handle out into its two halves. Using the pliers, pull the 2 brass ‘spades’ which look like flat brass loops away from and off the On/Off switch.

Step 4: undo the 2 screws that connect the pot. to the handle wire and remove the pot.

Step 5: reconnect the new pot. to the handle wires – there are only 2 wires and it doesn’t matter which way you connect them.

Step 6: insert the stem of the pot. into the hole on the lower end of the new handle, put the washer and locking nut back on the outside and tighten with the pliers.

Step 7: push the brass ‘spades’ back onto the On/Off switch – either way is fine; re-attach the top half of the handle.

Step 8: put the knob back onto the stem of the pot. and tighten.

Step 9: push the cap back onto the end of the knob.