How to Change a Powakaddy Golf Trolley Controller

This How-To guide will make more sense if you first watch our video; you can see all our video guides here.

Parts needed: new controller
Tools needed: Phillips screw driver, pair of wire-cutters
This works for: Freeway & pre-2009 Freeway Digital; does not work for Freeway 2, Freeway Sport, and post-2012 Freeway Digital.

Why replace the controller?

Erratic running of the trolley, or trolley just may not work at all.

How to replace the controller

Step 1: pull the 2 wires which run to the motor off the motor

Step 2: unclip any cable ties around the controller cables connecting it to the frame

Step 3: pull apart the junction box connecting the controller to the wire which runs to the handle

Step 4: undo the 2 screws that hold the controller onto the underside of the battery tray, and retain – you should now be able to remove the controller

Step 5: fit the new controller with the 2 screws and attach it back onto the tray

Step 6: connect the junction box to the handle wire

Step 7: connect the 2 wires back to the motor – the longer of the 2 goes to the top. If both of your wires are the same length, try them both ways to see which is correct. It is not possible to damage the trolley by donig this - if you have them the wrong way round, the motor will simply run backwards.