Freeway ll Conversion Kit Back in Stock – 15% off this weekend only

Powakaddy Freeway ll / 2 Conversion Kit

No, this is not the flight deck from the Star Ship Enterprise. This beauty is an answer to the prayers of Freeway ll (2) users.

The Freeway ll (2) was a huge seller. There are lots of them out there. Like all trolleys, it has had its faults and niggles but the thing that users probably disliked most was having to press a button up and down to control the speed.

This device – which is a Freeway ll (2) conversion kit – will enable you to convert the trolley to one using a conventional ‘roller’ (left or right-handed, they are on each side, helpfully) to control the speed. Thus you can set the trolley to the exact pace that you want rather than the clunky, imprecise button control.

The electronics used in this have been tried and tested in the current Freeway Sport and are (so far) fault free.

It comes to you with full written instructions plus diagrams.
The kit includes:

  • Full instructions
  • A new handle
  • All the handle’s internal workings (ready fitted)
  • Replacement cables
  • A replacement controller
  • All nuts, bolts and cable ties

Purchase these parts individually and it will cost over £200. You can buy this from us for a greatly subsidised price!

This weekend only there is a code for 15% off – the code is:  conversion kit

So if it’s too cold to play golf next weekend you can order this now and fix it to your trolley instead.  Get yours here.

Code offer ends Sunday 25 January 2015.


Winter Golf Tip #1: warm golf balls make for a better game

OK, it’s not easy to avoid a bit of potential phnar-phnah content, a la ’Carry on Golfing’, but the fact is, like batteries, or even our own bodies, golf balls perform better if they are warm.

Try an experiment.  Pop a golf ball in the airing cupboard overnight and another (which you can distinguish from the first!) in your car.  Next time you go to the practice ground, keep the warmed up golf ball snug in a mitt with an activated hand-warming pouch in it.  First hit the car-cold ball.  Now hit the warm ball.  We bet you that the warm one will go further.

The gently heated ball will travel more easily through the air, and over 18 holes it could add up to 2 or 3 shots of advantage.  Our resident pro suggests having 2 heated golf balls which you can alternate – one is in play, the other is in the heated mitt!  As long as the use of 2 alternating golf balls is permitted, this is not illegal, or cheating.  But even if you don’t fancy playing a whole round this way, (or your fellow players object!) it’s an interesting experiment at least.  Yes, OK, we are golf nerds. And proud :)