Spam Emails

I’m well known for my hyper-sensitivity to illness/sick people/potential infection. Despite my caring nature, I simply can’t stand being around people who have infectious illness.  Got a bad cold?  Soldiering on though, by coming into town to go shopping/travel in a confined space such as a bus or train/attend the office – with your many germs?  You’re not a brave little soldier for doing that, you’re a selfish idiot who’s now going to infect the entire company/carriage/shopping mall.


On the other end of the same spectrum is our attitude to spam – and by spam I mean junk through to emails and links that carry really bad IT viruses   We take this very seriously indeed.

Recently however we’ve had some email addresses from customers that require us to register or create an account or log-on in order to be able to reply to emails from these customers.  I assume these systems are created in order to protect that customer from potential spammage/virus threat. Fair enough, it’s your email and your PC..

But, just so you know, if you do have such a system (and I assume that if you do, you know that you do), we won’t be registering with your provider/spam-catcher, or clicking any links that your system may suggest we click in order to communicate with you.  It’s a) too risky;  b) too risky;  and c) a right pain and not really necessary.

We don’t need to prove that we are humans. We know we are.  So if you didn’t hear from us, the reasons will almost certainly be:  your email address is incorrect;  or you’ve got a super-high capacity ‘spam’ catcher (check your junk mail);  or you’ve established an email system that requires people or companies to register with you or your email provider. If you think this might be you, I suggest you check your system and enable emails from people you may want or need to hear from, to get through to you without having to jump this hurdle.





Postage Costs and Postage Times

The Royal Mail is the carrier we use most, though we are gradually moving some more items over to other carriers due entirely to size limits and cost.

The costs of posting are eye-wateringly high.  We, like most internet companies, have had to increase our P&P charges.  The alternative (unless you’re Amazon and can screw some amazing deal out of a hapless and often hopeless carrier) is to stop doing it because it’s not worth while.

Our postage costs are basically what we pay plus the packing and an allowance of course for the intervention of a fair (or hairy) human hand, because our staff do seem to want paying.  Who knew?  And I’m sure you don’t want to be an evil-robber-Baron exploiting the UK’s workforce, do you?  No, thought not.

We do not hide our P&P in the costs of the parts.  We charge you RRP for the parts – and often, in the case of golf clubs, clothing, shoes etc, considerably under the RRP – and then we add true and fair postage.

Using the Royal Mail has always appealed to us because it was until quite recently, fairly good value for its First Class Recorded Delivery service. We know that many of our customers have a good relationship with their postie and s/he will take care of their parcels.  However, it’s important that you understand that First Class Recorded Delivery is NOT a next-day guaranteed service (which we don’t offer as standard but may be able to sort out for you if you email us first, not after you order).  We provide you with a RM tracking number and this may take some time to go live;  and it may take the RM several days to get the item to you. It’s not ‘lost’ for quite a while – their rules, not mine.

In future, if we track an item for you in response to a query about ‘where is my order’ and the tracking number IS working, and it says ‘delivered’, or ‘in the system’ (which means it’s coming) we won’t be replying to further emails about it until the time when it’s ‘lost’ (very, very rare) has begun.  Not even if you treat us to an email every day for a week, or 4 in a day.  In fact, if you keep that up, some of the staff (not me, obvs) can get a wee bit tetchy and in order to avoid that, if you provoke them with eleventy-nine emails, we’ll pop a piece of paper with your name on it into ‘The Drawer of Doom’.

So, be patient, we post as soon as we can and the RM deliver really fast usually.  Less so after a bank holiday, funnily enough…I know it’s important to get you golfing again, and that is why we always try to go the extra mile.  If we screw up, we will apologise, make it right and try and make it up to you.

This next bit is really nice so I have used pink font for you :)

We are going to be giving away 10 free P&P deals on clothing soon, so watch the PowaKaddy Spares Face Book page.  You will have to ‘like’ our page to get the announcement.  Free P&P to the first 10 orders to buy from our clothing ranges sometime in the next month.


Working Hours

Our working hours are (and this is not going to be an earth-shattering revelation, as it’s pretty much standard in the UK unless, you know, you’re in the emergency services or you work at McDonald’s…):

Monday – Friday, 9 – 5, excluding public holidays.

Other occasional closures will be notified in the Blog, on Face Book and in the News section of the site.

From time to time, technical queries may be answered over the weekend in order to help with fault-finding but this is not always the case and depends on an engineer being around.

Admin. queries will not be answered when we are closed.  No, not even if you send 4 emails over a weekend, we’ll still deal with it on the next working day.

(Yep.  What she said – Ed)