Noisy Trolley Problems?

The noise that a trolley makes when the motor or the gearbox are about to fail is quite something.  If you hear it, it is alarming.  And maybe the motor or gearbox will need replacing.  But – it might be a much simpler and cheaper ‘fix’:  the spider coupling.

Here is our new Advice Centre article.  In this, we suggest that you look first at changing the least expensive part.

The noise that this small part makes when it needs replacing is impressive and very similar to a failing motor or gearbox.  It’s worth replacing the Spider Coupling first. It only costs £7.50 plus P&P.  If it is the more expensive part or parts, really you’d be best advised to change this component any way, so it’s not a waste of money.  Or, you can send it back.

Technical Up-Date: radiused spacers & star-loc washers

I bet you weren’t expecting that, were you?

Here is a little herd* of radiused spacers:

Cute little critters, aren’t they?  But they are notoriously shy.  As are their best mates, the star-loc washers:

The point of these spacers and washers is that they prevent wear and tear on the moving, metal parts of your trolley.  You can’t see the spacers, but it is an easy task to undo a few nuts and bolts and pop new ones in.

The kits are available here.  Only £10, but such a worthwhile investment of a little time and money.  We have also added how-to articles about these in our Advice Centre.  Here is the one on radiused spacers; and here is the related paper on star-loc washers. These articles also explain all about the job these spares do – the unsung heroes of your trolley, basically.

The wear on these, especially the spacers, will not be obvious with a visual check, so we advise replacing them every season, especially if you play every week.

A job for this weekend, perhaps?  Well, it’s more fun than the supermarket…

* collective noun for radiused spacers? We have gone with herd, but Kirsten thinks that a squeeze of radiused spacers is probably a better one. – Ed

£10 Off Ready-Made Spares

Did you know that we now offer ready-made, pre-assembled ‘kits’ for some of our most popular spares?

You can see them here

This offers spare parts that we have built for you. These parts are ready to fit straight to your trolley without any (or very minimal) wiring or DIY. In this category we have ready made parts available for the Freeway II, Freeway and Freeway Digital, Classic and Classic Legend, and Highway – and we hope to add more. The parts are offered in all available colourways, and include trolley specifications such as EDF handles. If there is a part of your trolley that you would like to be able to purchase ready made and that you do not see here, just give us an email at and we’ll get you a quote.

A lot of these parts are made on demand, and so we do not always have a complete stock of each ready made part on hand. Therefore, if you want to drop into our new Powakaddy Service Centre in Somerset and pick up a ready made part in person, please let us know. Give us a call on 01278 422525 and we’ll let you know when the part will be ready to be collected – usually no longer than 24 hours.

This weekend, we are offering you £10 off any of the kits, if you use this code:

Kit Code Jan

at the check out page on the website, or over the ‘phone if you place a telephone order, or in person if you come to our Workshop and Service Centre.  Just say that you have the discount code Kit Code Jan and claim your tenner off.