Christmas Made Easy*

*well, easier.  We’re not miracle workers.  Yet.

If you want to take the pressure off this Christmas, one key thing you can do is shop early. Shop early – and wrap it up early too.  Just a little free tip for you there.

The problem with this is that if the gift needs to be returned for an exchange or refund, you may well be over the time limit.  So to help you out, we have extended our returns policy for gifts bought from our site to Monday 13 January 2014.

All you need to do is email us when you buy an item that is a gift, or when it arrives.  We will then confirm this to you and if it needs to be returned, you will still be able to do that for over 2 weeks after the big day.

We have a Golf Gift Shop open now.  The Christmas policy applies to any other items bought as gifts too – just let us know.

On the Sixth and the Seventh Days of Christmas

Bird madness is now rampant with six geese and seven swans.  Personally I love looking at swans (not you, geese) but they are a bit scary, ‘cos they hiss sometimes if I pass too close to them on my bike by the river.  I hear they can break your arm with the power of their wings too.

I suggest this lovely Nike knit hat instead of smelly old geese and violent swans:

Which you can buy here.  We also have it in other colours.  Such as black and grey, and blue and green.  At only £15, I think you can afford to treat all your friends and yourself.