Spring 2014, New PowaKaddy Freeway: the FW3

Newly released and now available on our website and in our Workshop and Golf Shop, this is the brand new PowaKaddy Freeway 3.  It’s one of three new FW models that are being released by PK this spring.  There will be the FW3, FW5, and the FW7. The ‘spec’ (and the cost) increases as the number goes up!

We are starting out with the FW3, because we think it is simply a belting deal and a huge amount of up-grade for its £299 price including the battery and the charger.

Can an electric golf trolley be a thing of beauty?  Well, it’s our game, so we are possibly biased, but this model really is good looking.

Look, for example, at the ambidextrous control with soft-touch grip and function buttons:

Yep.  I know!

And here it is, all folded down:

Finally, the FW3 loaded up for golf:

It has a very quiet – almost silent –  motor.  Easy release wheels and front wheel adjustment option. And maybe best of all, a new ‘plug-and-play’ battery system, meaning that you just use a cassette system to slot the battery into place – and it works for both lithium and lead acid.  There are lots of other improved features, read about it here.

Our stocks are limited at the moment, but we have more on the way.  Order yours from us on line, or come in and see the model in the shop.  PowaKaddy are, understandably, experiencing very high demand, so once we sell what we have, we will be awaiting new stock. You can order from us and be the first to get yours.  If we sell out, we will contact you and let you know, with an idea of how many days the new stock will take.

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