Freeway ll (2) Axles – technical up-date

The original Freeway ll axles had four holes in them, one for either clutch and two for the gearbox.

Some of the early axles were prone to breaking.  As a consequence PowaKaddy has re-modelled the axle and it now only has three holes – still two for the clutches but only one for the gearbox.

So fit it as normal as far as the clutches are concerned, but ignore the ‘slotted’ location point on the gearbox and put the pin through the complete hole on the opposite side.




10 thoughts on “Freeway ll (2) Axles – technical up-date

  1. If your trolley is still in warranty, then PowaKaddy will honour that and you can have it repaired at the nearest PowaKaddy service agent to you. A list of these agents can be found on PowaKaddy’s own website:

    We are an independent company which supplies original PowaKaddy parts and other golfing products to the public.



  2. I have just had exactly the same problem as James Leitch with the axle snapping. It has sheared off and looks clearly like a manufacturing flaw. How long is the warranty on the Freeway II which cost me over £700 when I bought it.

  3. The PowaKaddy warranty on new trolleys is two years. PowaKaddy has a network of service agents, so if it is still in warranty, either take it back to where you bought it or search on their website for your nearest agent. We do sell these parts of course but if your trolley is in warranty, it will be free for you to get the repair done locally.

    Best wishes


  4. Whether the trolley was in or out of warranty PowaKaddy should have offered an extended warranty on this blatant manufacturing fault. How many other owners had this problem ??.

    • I have had it as well. Happened whilst on the 4th hole of a major competition for me on a very mountainous course. Oddly enough we lost the match :-(

  5. This has happened to me twice now. The trolley had just run out of warranty the first time so cost me to repair it. The new one lasted about two months before giving in. The trolley is now in the garage. If Id have known about this problem I would not have bought it. Not happy.

  6. Sorry all who have this problem out of warranty but PowaKaddy will not entertain ANY FREE REPLACEMENT PARTS regardless of manufacturing fault.

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